The Story Behind 'Devil That I Could Be'

For those of you that have made it out to one of my shows, you've likely already heard this story. It's one I like to tell live. = )

For those of you who HAVEN'T, here the summary:

I wrote this song in college. It started as kind of a letter I never planned on sending to parents, explaining that while I was no longer their little 5 year old angel, I also was not a terrible person. I wrote this when I discovered that the world is so much less black and white than you think when you are younger - it's much more grey.

I think these sort of feelings are all just part of "growing up" - leaving behind the magical world of childhood and entering the often grey, dismal world of being an adult.

You can find this song on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and all the usual suspects,

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Co-writing, Percussion, EP, Oh My!

I wanted to provide an update on what was going for me musically right now…


I recently had the cool experience of co-writing with another local DC Musician, Sarah Gilberg. It was a really fun experience! I met Sarah at a local gathering of female musicians where the whole group decided to pair up and writing a song on a topic. The overall theme for the entire group was “missing person”.

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Fall Reminiscing

I don’t know what it is about fall and winter; but I get extremely sentimental this time of year. Sentimental for not only old places and old friends, but old versions of myself. Sometimes I seek the “me” from middle school, where fall meant Halloween costumes, decorating our yard as a graveyard (my mom had the most epic Halloween decorations). 


Inside My Songwriting Process

“How do you write a song?” It’s a difficult question for a songwriter to answer. Often, it’s not only different for each song writer, but different for each song.

I’m not so sure the Greeks didn’t have it right when they coined the concepts of muses as the source of inspiration for artists & philosophers. In my experience, I’ve rarely had luck when I sat down with the intention of creating a song. I have to wait for inspiration to strike, always at the most inconvenient times, when I’m scrambling for a napkin of a bit of paper to capture that inspiration before it disappears.