The Story Behind 'Electrocute Me'

While I really think music should be interrupted (like all art!) and mean whatever you feel like it means to you, I wanted to take the time to look at each of the songs on my latest EP and explain what they mean to me.

So, up first, the title track, "Electrocute Me".

First thing is first, here's where you can list to it:

I originally wrote this song when I was (gasp!) 16. (Maybe I shouldn't be admitting that at this point, but there you go.) My general rule of thumb is if I get something (usually a melody) stuck in my head for 2 days or more, I'll sit down at my guitar or piano and try to turn it into a song. That's exactly what happened with this song - I vividly remember waking up several mornings in a row with it stuck in my brain. So, eventually, I sat down at my guitar with a pen and paper in hand to give life to it.

This song is about "jazzing up" your life. I think the repetitiveness of everyday life can be both comforting and stifling. When I wrote about it, I was stuck in high school and excited about the future I had always dreamed about becoming a reality once I had high school behind me. Now, it's more about finding ways to break free from the 9-5 machine and find your individuality.

I'm curious - what does this song mean to you? Let me know in comments below.