Love Songs

I imagine, though admittedly I have never sat down and counted, that most songs, especially most popular songs, are inspired or about love.

As a singer/songwriter, I’ve heard a lot of opinions about this. Some people feel that it’s important to just write what you are feeling. Some people feel like it’s cliche. Some people feel like it's fine as long as you avoid common songwriting cliches that no one wants to hear. (I do believe that there is a way to break every rule, especially if it comes from a place of truth, so I wouldn't say "always" avoid these....but rather "usually".)

I personally believe that love is one of the strongest emotions a person can feel, and, because of that, it’s only natural that it inspires a lot of music and other art forms. Art is at its purest an expression of the soul, an expression of our feelings. Love is, in my opinion, the best thing we do, and certainly, it’s one of the more powerful things we do.

I often even find myself personifying events or things when I write about them to turn them into more of a “love song” type of format. One of my songs, Everything I know I Shouldn’t Do (which you can listen to here) is actually about my relationship with music. I do love music, so I suppose it’s appropriate that this topic turned into more of a love song format for me.

What are your opinions about love songs?