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Exploring the Concept: Security Breeds Stagnation

I’ve been pondering the idea recently of being too safe in life and the consequences of that. I’ve been an overachiever my whole life. While I know that can sound a lot like bragging, but I’m not sure that the phrase doesn’t condemn me more than anything else. The people I’ve always looked up to in life are the ones that took the roads less traveled, that took chances and followed paths that felt right to them. 


Holiday Music

Whenever you catch a melody of a holiday tune, you are instantly transported back into your childhood home. You can smell your mother’s baking, see presents under the tree, and feel the warmth of the fire place. It’s truly amazing how a song takes you back there.

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Fall Reminiscing

I don’t know what it is about fall and winter; but I get extremely sentimental this time of year. Sentimental for not only old places and old friends, but old versions of myself. Sometimes I seek the “me” from middle school, where fall meant Halloween costumes, decorating our yard as a graveyard (my mom had the most epic Halloween decorations).