Exploring Happiness

It seems like such a simple concept - enjoy the journey not the destination, doesn't it? 

If it's so simple then, why do we constantly find ourselves (or at the very least why do I constantly find myself) striving for the next accomplishment? I feel like we fail to take the time to stop sometimes and pat ourselves on the back. Obsessed with bettering ourselves, we almost never stop to appreciate what we have.

I'm not saying anything new or remarkable - all of these thoughts have been said in different ways by too many people. But it fascinates me all the same.

Truly ambitious people never seem satisfied with that they have. I wonder if ambition like that is a blessing that forces you to always strive for improvement, or a curse that causes up to fail to ever truly be happy.

Is the key to happiness to just stop caring so much about reaching the next level? To stop setting so many goals for ourselves and just be?

Interested in thoughts here. Comment and let me know what you think makes people happy.