Translating Studio Sound to Live Sound: Playing with a Pedal

Working with a producer in a studio for my upcoming EP has been evolutionary as far as discovering my sound. While I know "studio sound" and "live sound" are two very different things, I find myself wanting to translate some of that studio sound I love into my live music.

So, I bought my first guitar pedal to experiment! It's a multi-purpose pedal my producer recommended.

I'm loving it so far. I've discovered some effects I really like that mimic what we created in the studio. I'm adding elements of those effects into my songs.

Playing with a guitar pedal is a huge step forward for me. I've always been a fan of a very "clean" guitar sound, so, by playing with pedals, I like to think I'm growing as an artist by opening my mind to new possibilities. Granted, I'm still playing mainly a clean electric guitar sound for my songs, but using the effects pedal to add bits of flair to them.

You can see a preview of my work with my new pedal here.

I'm looking forward to continuing the experimentation here.