Misc Thoughts on Studio Recording

I love working with a producer in a studio. It's neat to see your artistic vision for your songs come to life. Having just started the process of recording my EP in June, I still have quite a journey left to finish my vision for this project.

I had never had the pleasure of working with drummers, bassists etc. before, so it is really cool to not only hear those parts of the songs develop, but discover what I like of those instruments as well.

Additionally, tweaking your songs and perfecting them line by line is a satisfying, if tedious, process. Translating these newer, perfected versions of my songs to my live performances has me excited as well.

The real goal for me with this EP is to complete my artistic vision, to really share who I am with the world. I'm really considering it my masterpiece and the integrity of my art is paramount to me. I'd like to create visual aspects (photos, music videos etc.) to match my vision for this art as well. I'm excited and anxious to see where this project goes!