Influences – Arctic Monkeys

I’ve been a fan of the Arctic Monkeys since their first album. I love the energy of their sound, and Alex Turner’s heartfelt, relatable lyrics. The key to writing good lyrics is to write something honest and relatable—and to say that something in a way that no one else has before. Tricky business that he does very, very well.

3 of my personal favorite songs by the Arctic Monkeys:


This is one of their earlier songs. My favorite line from this song is “I probably still adore you with your hand around my neck/ Or I did last time I checked”.


I love the story that this song has. It’s a beautiful song about someone with a broken heart.

"Do I Wanna Know"

This is one of their newer songs. I love the rhythm of this song, and (of course) the lyrics. I really appreciate the updated sound on their newest album.

Are you an Arctic Monkeys fan? What are your favorite songs?